Nourishing & Bliss.
1 x pearl bath with milk 20 min;

1 x back honey massage 20 min;

1 x honey face mask 20 min.

Wellness Daydream 1 h 35 min42 EU 

Relaxation & Refreshment.
1 x thermal zone: sauna/steam room 30 min;
1 x aroma full body massage 45 min;
1 x aromatic face mask 20 min.

Spa Gentlemen only 40 min26 Eur 

More benefits for a short time.
The treatments release muscle tension and perfect relax.
1 x underwater massage 20 min;
1 x back & neck fangoparaffin application 20 min.


Romantic moments for two.
1 x thermal zone: sauna/steam room 30 min;
1 x full body massage for two 45 min.

Aroma Balance 70 min33 Eur 

This is a soothing therapy with organic essential oils, chosen according to your personal preferences.
The goal is quickly regain body and mind balance. The treatments improve skin structure.

1 х hay body pack 30 min;

1 х aromatic body care 40 min.

Beauty Day 2 h 10 min42 Eur 

A Face & Body aesthetic proposal for a perfect look.
It improves skin structure and creates a feeling of pleasure and beauty.

1 x steam room/sauna 30 min;

1 x slimming care Ryor 60 min;

1 x express beauty session - massage, mask 40 min.

Thalasso Thermal 60 min31 Eur 

Vitality and power with marine trace bio-elements and minerals!
The treatments eliminate toxins, stimulate the metabolism, relive the muscle tension and improve the skin structure.

1 х thermal zone - sauna/steam room 30 min;

1 х mud full body application 25 min.

Detox 1 h 40 min46 Eur 

Purification & Revitalization.
The treatments  lead to a deep and pleasant relaxing.
1 x thermal zone: sauna/steam room 30 min;
1 x mud full body wrap 25 min;
1 х full body massage 45 min.