Body wraps & applications

Fangoparaffin application /zone/ 20 min9 euro 

A warm partial body application with paraffin mixed with volcanic ash.  It enhances local blood circulation and relieves pains from joints and muscles. Perfect helps to firm areas and to reduce fat.

Curative mud application - full body 25 min28 euro 

The warm mud is packed directly onto the skin. Because of the heat and bio-components of the mud-minerals, trace elements, it is a perfect therapy to combat with pains, stress and tiredness. It enhances blood circulation and helps releasing .

Curative mud apapplication - partial body 25 min17 euro 

According to the complains.

Beeswax application /zone/20 min10 euro 

A warm partial body application with beeswax stimulates local blood circulation, relieves pains from articulations and muscles and has powerful anti-inflammation action.

Algae body wrap- full body 25 min23 euro 

A warm full body wrap helps trough marine bio-elements and minerals to release toxins from the body, combats with stress and stimulates the metabolism. It improves skin structure.