Pearlbath 15 min10 euro 

A bath with air bubbles a gentle hydro-massage. Aromatic bath-with essential oils for Relax and Refreshment Thalasso bath with sea salts for Detoxification and Revitalize

Hydromassage bath 15 min13 euro 

A bath with jet whirl systeman intensive hydro-massage. Aromatic bathwith essential oils for Relax and Refreshment Thalasso bathwith marine salts for Detoxification and Revitalize.

Galvanic bath 20 min13 euro 

Water and gentle electrical current are the components of this treatment. It enhances blood circulation and relieves pains in the muscles and articulations.

Four cell galvanic bath 20 min8 euro 

A partial bad-for forearms and lower limbs. It is especially beneficial for rheumatoid arthritis.

Underwater massage 20 min15 euro 

Manual jet massage, working deeply on muscles.