"Medica Albena" is the largest and the best organized Medi-Spa & Wellness centre in Bulgaria with over 20 years tradition.  It's founded in 1986 by Dr. Miryam Vartanyan as a balneoclimatic treatment center at the Albena resort, offering highly qualified service in the sphere of medical, balneocurative and spa services.

In 2003, after the unification of the balneological and clinical parts, Medica Albena was designated as a medical centre for integrative health care.

In the polyclinic in availability to the guests are:

emergency - 24 hours medical duty and manipulation,

specialized doctors offices,

haemodialysis centre,

clinical lab,

image diagnostics,




Balneo-curative part of Medica Albena, built on 2,500 m²  is located on two floors.

On the first floor there are the sectors of body applications - curative mud, paraffin, beeswax and  hydrotherapy and hay - herbal body pack.

On the second floor there are the thermal area - indoor, outdoor and children's pools, sauna, steam bath, massage rooms, phytotherapy, apparatus physiotherapy, gym and dance hall, cosmetic studio, manicure and pedicure.

Balneo-curative part of Medica Albena is specialized in:

prevention and treatment of diseases of of all locomotor system diseases as well as the diseases of the peripheral nervous system, functional nervous diseases, upper respiratory tract problems, gynaecological and other skin diseases /psoriasis and neurodermatis/

reduction of stress and increase vital energy;

detoxify and stimulate the body's immunity;

healthy lifestyle - a balanced diet and exercise;

cardio and muscular training;

aesthetic wellness spa treatments for face and body.

We define our philosophy It is one of health and well being, longevity and vitality.

The powerful natural factors as a sea climate, the sea mud, the mineral water, ecologically tasted, environmentally friendly bio-products and the professional experience of our team give the opportunities to achieve good and long-term results of health prevention and recuperation. 

The team of "Medica - Albena" of exceptionally qualified and experienced doctors and therapists always follow the principles of high professionalism, client focused care and high standards. Our curative programs are personally designed according to the individual healthy needs of the guests.

In last years we develop one special prophylactic program named "Vital"®, which educate our guests how to fight successfully with the risky factors as a high blood pressure, increased fats and urine acid in the blood and smoking. Trough one bio-diet and one positive- emotional moving activity we aim to create new healthful lifestyle habits.  

In 2008, "Medica Albena" became the first centre in the country to be awarded the ISO 9001:2000 certificate, which is a part of its complete programme for adaptation to the growing foreign market. "Medica Albena" is also a member of NAST (The National Association of Spa Tourism) and BUBSpa (The Bulgarian Union of Balneology and Spa Tourism).

Since 2008, the centre has been a member of ESPA (The European Spa Association) and has received their sign as an acknowledgement of its affiliation and European quality.

Since 2009 balneological department is certified by German quality standard TÜV. The medical center "Medica Albena" possesses a license from  Bulgarian Ministry of Health.