Balneoclimatic centre Medica - Albena

Balneoclimatic centre Medica - Albena
The sea and its gifts have been among the best remedies known to people for centuries. The natural conditions - ecological environment, specific sea climate, clean air rich in salts, ozone and iodine, sea algae, lye and mud and mineral water all make Albena the perfect place for a relaxing healthy vacation for the body and soul. Unlike the well-known spa centres, your stay here includes medical observation wherein the developed programmes correspond to the facilitys specialisation.
Whether it is medical packages or body weight reduction programmes, relaxation or beautifying the body and soul, the whole process is supervised by highly qualified specialists, in which even cosmetic procedures are developed with the participation of doctors.
The healthy effect of firth mud
This slightly forgotten, and unfashionable for modern spa centres, method is actually the best curative factor for the whole body. For backaches, pains in the joints or a reawakened trauma the solution is mud! Warm application at temperatures between 38C and 42C, as well as the muds ingredients, have a very strong curative effect on the whole locomotor system. Furthermore, mud applications improve microcirculation and tighten the skin and, therefore, it is one of the basic elements in anti-cellulite and weight-loss programmes at Medica - Albena.
Mud also releases trace elements, which are necessary for the organisms functioning. Its healthy influence has an immediate effect on the skin. Upon the first application, the softness and elasticity of the skin returns. Long-term application under medical control can be used for treating psoriasis, neurodermatitis and eczema.
Thanks to its warmth, mud relaxes the organism and has an anti-stress action. 90% of the people who have tested the mud application method, confirm its relaxing effect and state that accumulated tension disappeared altogether after the procedure.
Besides basically everything, the combination of mud-cure and electrotherapy is the perfect cure for chronic gynaecological inflammations and female sterility.