The centres purpose is to serve and help foreign as well as Bulgarian tourists who need haemodialysis carried out several times a week, and to give people with a kidney deficiency the opportunity for an active sea vacation.
The haemodialysis centre offers patients a secure and comfortable environment. It is equipped with Fresenius 4008 S apparatuses, which perform bicarbonate dialysis using dry bicarbonate. Patients are attended by high-quality medical personnel. Each team member has extensive experience and fully fluent and exhaustive language knowledge (the English, German, and Russian languages).
The haemodialysis centre accepts HIV and HBS negative patients. The dialysis centre is open from Monday to Saturday and is closed on Sunday.
Do not hesitate to choose the haemodialysis centre at the Albena resort the only centre that can offer its haemodialysis-needing patients the combination of a perfect vacation and health security!
You can make reservations on these phone numbers:
tel/fax +359 (0) 579 6 29 67
+ 359 (0) 885 853 586
+ 359 (0) 885 853 588