Let us take care of your health during your vacation in Albena at the medical centre, which is situated directly next to the Dobrudja hotel. The medical centre Medica Albena offers:
 Teams of highly qualified professionals            
 Modern equipment 
 Specialised transport  
 Comfortable environment
The polyclinic provides emergency and specialised medical help on the premises of the Albena resort. The emergency room is open 24 h a day. There are two rooms for short-term medical observation and the treatment of patients. They are air-conditioned and equipped with:
 Oxygen installation;
 Monitors for the observation of vital parameters pulse, blood pressure, temperature, etc.
We provide specialised medical assistance in the following fields:
 child diseases;
 skin diseases;
 ENT diseases.
For the doctors and patients service there are available fully equipped:
 Clinical lab;
 Image diagnostics X-ray and echographic apparatuses.
On the centres premises there are available:
 Haemodialysis centre;
 Mini-invasive surgery.
Our teams of specialists are always available to you! You can be examined on the spot or at the hotel. Medical help on the beach is provided by a medical team, which is in constant mobile connection with the medical centre.
We provide your peace and security! Our mission is your health! You can always trust our professionalism!