Facial programs                       
Intensive anti - wrinkle therapy                                  60 min.       100 BGN/54 Eur
/pealing, massage, lifting mask, finishing touch/         
Eye - contour therapy                                                40 min.        50 BGN/27 Eur
/pealing, moisturizer, massage, mask,
finishing touch/
Seasonal therapy                                                        60 min.        90 BGN/49 Eur                            
/pealing, massage, mask, finishing touch/
                Therapies for body
Aromatic pealing                                                             30 min. 50 BGN/27 Eur
/pealing, finishing touch/
Spa Therapy "Velvet Skin"                                              60 min. 90 BGN/49 Eur                 
/pealing, body wrap, massage, finishing touch/


                     Facial therapies
Caviar Skin Care                               60 min. 90 BGN/49 Eur
Stri-Pexan                                         60 min. 120 BGN/65 Eur

Elements therapies 

Deep cleaning                                                                60 min.             75 BGN/40 Eur
Beauty in a flash                                                            60 min.             55 BGN/30 Eur
/cleaning, ultrasound pealing, ampule, massage,
mask, finishing touch/                       
Refreshing face therapy                                                40 min.             35 BGN/19 Eur
/cleaning, ultrasound pealing, ampule, massage,
mask, finishing touch /                       
Chocolate Magic                                                            60 min.             55 BGN/30 Eur
/cleaning, pealing, massage, mask, finishing touch /            
Sea Breeze                                                                    40 min.             40 BGN/22 Eur
/massage & mask/        
Exfoliation with brown sugar and milk                            30 min.             70 BGN/38 Eur
Body Brilliance with sea salts and olive oil                      30 min.             70 BGN/38 Eur
Back cleaning program                                                   50 min.             60 BGN/32 Eur
Wrapped in Roses                                                          50 min.             90 BGN/49 Eur
/hydro massage bath, pealing, mask/           
Fruit Indulgence                                                             50 min.             90 BGN/49 Eur
/pealing, massage, mask/  
Red Wine Delight                                                            60 min.            75 BGN/40 Eur
/pealing, massage, mask/   
Strawberries and Cream                                                 60 min.            75 BGN/40 Eur
/hydro massage bath, pealing, mask/             
Hydro massage bath and relaxing                                  60 min.            80 BGN/44 Eur
back massage with Gold Oil /KLAPP/                    
ELEMENTS whole body massage                                    60 min.            80 BGN/44 Eur
ELEMENTS Hot Stone massage                                       60 min.            90 BGN/49 Eur 
Honey and Chocolate                                                     50 min.            80 BGN/44 Eur
"La Sultane" massage                                                     50 min.            80 BGN/44 Eur

Dr.Spiller Biocosmetic 

Lots of beauty short facial program                                       30 min.      30 BGN/16 Eur
/cleaning, pealing, mask/
Q10 complex, Oxygen-rich                                                           50 min.      80 BGN/44 Eur
/cleaning, pealing, massage, mask, finishing touch/                         
Aloe Vera Bio Lift Complex                                                            60 min.      80 BGN/44 Eur                        
/ cleaning, pealing, massage, mask, finishing touch /                                           
"Hydro Marine" program                                                               50 min.      80 BGN/44 Eur
/cleaning, pealing, massage, mask, finishing touch/                          
Charming look                                                                               30 min.     45 BGN/24 Eur
/eye contour care/        
Fresh air                                                                                         40 min.     45 BGN/24 Eur
/facial massage & activator/                         
Mens world                                                                                   60 min.     70 BGN/38 Eur
/deep facial cleaning/     
Anti stress                                                                                     60 min.     90 BGN/49 Eur
/body therapy/                                       
Rejuvenating hand therapy                                                          50 min.      90 BGN/49 Eur
Bust lifting therapy                                                                        50 min.     100 BGN/54 Eur
Anti cellulite                                                                                50 min.       70 BGN/38 Eur
/body therapy/