ELEMENTS SPA offers you wide range of services:

  • Aestetic treatments
  • Gent`s aestetic treatments
  • Anti-aging treatments
  • Beauty services
  • Hands and feet
  • Body polishes
  • Body envelopments& dry flotation
  • Massage treatments
  • Aquaaroma
  • Around Bulgaria spa specials
  • Elements spa rituals
  • Spa packages
We invite you to visit us, to take the journey and to feel the energy.
We also offer you:
To protect the privacy of our guests while using VITA ELEMENTS area, the Spa facilities are available to clients with scheduled spa appointments only.
If you would simply like to use the AQUA ELEMENTS area with its indoor pool and Heat Zone without booking a treatment, a day pass can be purchased at the Spa reception. Day Spa tickets are available in one-, three-, five- and seven-day formats.

AQUA ELEMENTS Zone offers a day Fire and Water bio - thermal Program:

Aqua Elements Thermal Circuit.

Aqua Elements A journey for purification and bliss brought from antiquity. A great variety of sensations are waiting for you. This is a space of well-being where relaxation, vitality and health are sought. Different elements are combined in a Thermal Circuit, which lasts for an hour and a quarter, in order to foster relaxation, to activate the circulatory system, to tone up the body and eliminate stress. A unique experience in modern facilities with the following elements: The circuit starts with a cascade shower before starting the session as an adaptation and hygiene measure.

Indoor Swimming pool with water jets Tº 30

It is a 24 square meters pool. The side jets are applied to the cervical, dorsal, lumbar regions and to the lower limbs .The properties of the pool are: total relaxation and stress elimination, activation of blood circulation, reduction of muscular tension.

Steam room Tº 50ºC, humidity 90% The gentle warmth together with high air humidity clean the skin and make it soft and supple.It is ideal for muscular relaxation and combating stress. Steam room increases body natural resistance and cleans respiratory tracts. The session lasts 15 to 30 min with refreshing break to cool down with ice crystals from the ice fountain or a cold shower.

Sauna Tº 90/100ºC, humidity 0-20 % This is a dry heat room. It is ideal to eliminate toxins, tension and increases natural resistance of the body. Its use is not advisable for people whose blood pressure is too low. The session lasts 15 to 30 min with refreshing break to cool down with ice crystals from the ice fountain or a cold shower.

Caldarium Tº 36/38ºC The caldarium provides deep relaxation and a regeneration of the strengths in a gentle but effective manner. It cleans skin and respiratory tracts, calms muscular and joint pains, relieves stress. It is followed by a refreshing shower.

Ice fountain Ice crystals for refreshment between hot sessions.

Relax Zone A very pleasant environment with elegant comfortable lounges and nice view to the surroundings of the hotel. Enjoy our fresh juices, cocktails and relaxing, antioxidand tea special blends. Bath robes, towels and slippers are provided upon arrival at the Spa reception.

- Indoor Spa Pool with Jet Stream and Whirlpool Benches
- Changing rooms, suitable for disabled
- Personal items such as hair dryers, shampoo & lotions are located in locker rooms
- Using of Spa robes, bathtowels and slippers
Fire and Water day pass (four hours) 40 lv.
- 3 Days Pass 115 lv.
- 5 Days Pass 185 lv.
- 7 Days Pass 250 lv.
- 10 Days Pass 340 lv.

ELEMENTS Fitness Studio
- Session (one hour) 8 lv.
- With personal consultation 10 lv.
- 7 days pass ( with one personal consultation) 45 lv.