All programs include a refreshing drink – a cup of hot herbal tea.

White Bulgarian Treasure                                                    90 min.       160 BGN/86 Eur
/hydro massage herbal bath, body peeling,
relaxing massage, yoghurt mask/   
Dream                                                                              75 min.       160 BGN/86 Eur
/body massage with herbal oils,
original herbal balls procedure, massage
with Rhodopian roof-tiles, herbal body
mask, Vichy mountain rain/                                
Bulgarian Radiance                                                             90 min.       160 BGN/86 Eur
/warm pealing with herbs and ecological
honey, massage with honey and herbal oils,
warm roof-tiles stimulation,
body mask with herbs and honey/     
Bliss                                                                                 90 min.       140 BGN/76 Eur
/chocolate and herbal oils pealing, 
aromatic herbal massage,
body mask with natural chocolate,
Vichy tropical rain,
finishing hydrating touch/      
Gold Ceremony                                                                  90 min.       240 BGN/130 Eur
/body peeling, gold foil application,
whole body massage with Gold Oil,
facial Gold Ceremony,
drink – "Gold Medalist" fruit cocktail/